J o h a n n e s  K n u t h
Photography & Film

People Photographer & Director based in Hamburg, Germany. The Story-telling style of images are all about life, candid moments and people’s dreams. Driven by the passion for the decisive moment.

Whether photo, film or both at once, always teaming up with the best experts to realize every great idea anywhere in the world. Clients trusting my skills for national and global ad campaigns include Huawei, Volkswagen, Samsung, Philip Morris, SolarWorld, Procter&Gamble, Siemens, Sony Music and many more.

Recently received accolades including the Paris Photo and American Photography awards and grateful to be called out by the American Photography judges as “One of the industry’s most talented artist and creative to watch”.

Let’s rock it!

The images show the real power– joy of life, courage, compassion and hope. That’s the spirit of youth! The power for change and to newly-create.

my Story

★  Born to live ★ dis­cov­er­ing my envi­ron­ment with daddy’s para­chute cam­era ★ shooting the sweet­est schoolgirls around me and not just falling in love with pho­tog­ra­phy first time ★ after high school graduation moving to the USA ★ living in a garage in Miami, working as a middle-school teacher and surviving  monster-hurrican Floyd ★ moving to NYC to visit Bruce Weber and work­ing as a stu­dioas­sis­tant at the legendary Pier59 Stu­dios for the Victoria’s Secret shoot­ing with Tyra Banks and further super beauties shot by Patrick Demarche­lier ★ assisting around the globe for some of the finest top pho­tog­ra­phers ★ teaming up with outstanding people around the globe to create distinctive photo & film imagery ★

 Awards & Tributes – Photography

Le Prix de la Photographie Paris

American Photography AP30

Latin American Fotografía

Update Berlin Award (shortlist)

6th Inter­na­tional Pho­tog­ra­phy Mas­ters Cup Los Ange­les

5th inter­na­tional pho­tog­ra­phy mas­ters cup in Lon­don

PX3 Le Prix de la Photographie Paris

Awards & Tributes – Film

Samsung and PDN 4k Filmmaking Challenge, NYC, USA

Selected Motion Reel at THE REEL HOUR. Presented by Steffen Gentis (Chief Production Officer BBDO) at the Update Berlin, Germany

Exhibitions Photography & Film

Group exhi­bi­tion «Spur­wech­sel» curated by Klaus Tiedge at the VW Auto­mo­bil­fo­rum Unter den Linden Berlin, Germany

Fea­tured on the inter­na­tional group show «Art takes Times Square» on the bill­board pre­miere, Times Square, New York, USA

Par­tic­i­pat­ing with var­i­ous works at the BFF group exhi­bi­tion «4. Auf­schlag» in the On-Off Gallery, Ham­burg, Germany

Par­tic­i­pat­ing with the series «Tokio» at the group instal­la­tion «all pho­tog­ra­phers now!» dur­ing the Nuit des Musées, Rolex Learn­ing Cen­ter at EPFL Lausanne

BFF group exhi­bi­tion «5. Auf­schlag» in the On-Off Gallery during the ADC festival in Ham­burg, Germany

«Spur­wech­sel» group exhi­bi­tion at the gallery STP Greifswald, Germany

Group exhi­bi­tion «Selb­st­por­trait», Gallery Castell, Germany

Group exhi­bi­tion «Fre­und­schaft», Gallery PPP Graz, Austria



(Background photo by Jakob Riedel)